Zircon wants to grow and expand and buys OMET Varyflex V2


by Harveer Sahni, Managing Director of Weldon Celloplast Limited, India

Economies in Europe endeavour to recover and improve in a difficult prevailing situation. India, too, has its own share of woes due to a receding growth rate down to 5%, from a 9.3% in 2010-11. Industry is worried and wishes for an escalation in demand. While the international economies strive and stagger towards better economic scenario, the Indian industry is in a situation whereby it is the evolving strategies that will bring stability and consistent growth. Likewise, the Indian self adhesive label industry, that was continuously experiencing a high growth rate, is feeling the pangs as an after-effect of a slowdown in growth even though it is still experimenting with a near double digit rate of growth. However still, the increased capacity due to new investments, which have resulted in some idle moments for the label presses, worries the label converters at large. At this time it has become imperative for label printers to innovate and manufacture products that attract the consumers and bring back the much needed growth in demand. As per PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers): “Three quarters of US private companies are prioritizing innovation with growth as objective.” Then, it will be appropriate to quote Steve Jobs: “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new”.

Taking cue from such sentiments, a dynamic and committed team at Noida-based Zircon Technologies India Limited, led by Sanjeev Sondhi, has decided and vowed to tread the path of innovation and technical excellence. In a definite move to implement and increase their innovation ambitions, they have invested to enhance their manufacturing capabilities with state of art equipment. They have just recently acquired perhaps the largest label press in India, so far. The label press is OMET Varyflex V2.

The press was delivered to the Dehradun facility of Zircon and is a highly advanced piece of equipment with the following features;

  1. One of the largest labels presses Omet ever produced: 26-meter long! 
  2. It is a complex integration of foiling, movable rotogravure , flexo and proprietary web paths desired and requested by Sanjeev Sondhi of Zircon after testing his innovative requirements on diverse label presses. It took him almost two years to finalise the exact configurations and ancillaries that are complex and proprietary in nature. The equipment has a multi-process capability including different print and converting technologies
  3. Chosen and accepted after severe complex tests performed by Zircon on the machine
  4. 430 mm wide, 10 color flexo printing stations, rotogravure printing station, hot stamping, etc.
  5. Converting section for Cartons, Labels, Flexible Packaging, Lami-tubes, etc. 
  6. Capability to handle from 12 micron films to 600 micron board
  7. Fully automatic registration control
  8. Backed by Weldon Service and Application support

Sanjeev Sondhi leads Zircon Technologies India Ltd. that is a 6 year old company that has embraced the realm of technology and innovation to achieve the goal of success and rapid growth while delivering value and excellence to their demanding customers. Starting from humble beginnings, Zircon has now three production plants covering over 50,000 square feet of built-up workspace with two plants in North India and one in South India, seven sales offices spread across India and 200 strong workforce. They have in-house graphic, pre-press and plate making capabilities and are India’s first Esko certified HD flexo label printing company. They have two pending global patents and have licensed four technologies for security printing so far. Zircon strives to be the most capable anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions provider in the entire Asia Pacific region. With the present installation of OMET Varyflex V2, Zircon will be able to service clients on the basis of a large portfolio including: shrink sleeves, folding cartons, anti-counterfeit packaging solutions, self-adhesive labels, etc.

The Varyflex V2 has been supplied by OMET whose detailed specialization in the design of the machines and the ongoing commitment to utilizing new technology has made them a leading, highly qualified and reliable partner. So says Paolo Grasso, Sales Manager of OMET: “Sanjeev is a demanding customer, we have learnt through his innovative ideas.”

The sale of this equipment has been handled by New Delhi-based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of OMET in India and surrounding countries. Pawandeep Sahni, Director of Weldon states: “Sanjeev is a devout follower of Lord Shiva and credits all his success to the Lord! His strength in taking bold decisions comes from HIM. With such commitment he cannot go wrong. We are proud of this association. Sanjeev is so sure of the blessings of lord Shiva, also referred to as “Bhole”, that all his communications with Indians and foreign partners begin with ‘Jai Bhole Ki!’ (Victory to Bhole!).”