From left: Marco Calcagni (OMET), David Deganello (University of Swansea), Tim Claypole (WCPC) and Sante Conselvan (ATIF)

WCPC/ATIF cultural and marketing exchange makes a stop at OMET

According to the program of cultural and marketing exchange between ATIF and the prestigious University of Swansea (UK), at the beginning of September Professor Tim Claypole, Director of the Welsh Center for Printing and Coating of Swansea, together with Professor David Deganello – lecturer at the same research center and known to Italian flexographers for its interesting speeches during the ‘FlexoDay’ last year – visited OMET Company of Lecco and UTECO Converting of Colognola ai Colli (Verona), both ATIF members. Sante Conselvan, President of ATIF, and Emilo Gerboni, Advisor, introduced Claypole and Deganello to the two major Italian companies. During the visits were presented the latest developments of research conducted by WCPC for the application of flexo printing in various sectors in addition to packaging (medical, energy, electronics, etc..), and were examined the possibilities of collaboration with the two Italian industries’ R & Ds in the field of education and continuous training. For their part, the leaders of OMET and UTECO illustrated the technological advancements and successes achieved globally that make the two Italian companies the world leaders in their respective market sectors. The distinguished Professors appreciated the production of the companies they visited and were very optimistic about the possibility to translate into practice the proposed projects of technological exchange.