The digital/flexo XFlex X6 press available for visits during OMET May 2014 Open Doors event

Watch flexo/digital XFlex X6 in daily operation during Open Doors event 2014

From 6 to 8 May 2014, in addition to the demonstrations on OMET’s full range of printing presses in Lecco’s Technology Center with the availability of the following machines: Varyflex V2, XFlex X6 flexo+offset combination, XFlex X4, it will be possible to drop by at a converter’s plant near Lecco and watch XFlex X6 with 4-color inkjet unit at work.

The 4-color digital inkjet unit named JetPlus, which debuted in 2012, has completed his test phase and has been fully operational at a customer near OMET’s headquarters in Lecco, Italy, for a few months. The press is printing on an ongoing basis with several changeovers scheduled a day. The rapid changeovers and equally fast start-ups, even in presence of rather different jobs, does no more than confirm the efficiency of the machine for the printing of small runs handling a great variability of materials and designs, and coping with just-in-time deliveries.

The XFlex X6 we refer to represents for the customer who bought it a fundamental resource. The converter, in fact, can take jobs that normally would not be convenient if printed on a higher productive machine or on equipment with by far complex configurations. The fast makeready, the average speed and the availability of converting/finishing units in-line realize the all-in-one-pass printing concept with the guarantee of the highest level of quality.

As a further evidence of the profitability of this press is the fact that the press combines in-line what is usually performed on two different machines for, respectively, digital printing and die-cutting, activity, this latter, generally performed offline at extra costs. The dream come true of all-in-one-pass label production is further evidenced by the possibility to combine on the same line flexo groups for the printing of pantones and solids, cold and hot foil, – as in this application, – and even silkscreen printing and lamination.

JetPlus offers high-definition quality printing at an average speed of 50 meters per minute, a quite exceptional speed in digital label printing. This is possible thanks to the presence in-line of Monotwin Cut system, OMET’s original tool offering high speed rates and quick job changeovers. In case of variation of the die-cutting shape, in fact, the operation of change is carried out rapidly with no need neither to replace the magnetic cylinder nor adjust the die-cutting unit since pre-register settings are automatic with respect both to digital or flexo. Monotwin Cut, OMET Patent, is equipped with standard gap-master to promote a longer and better use of dies.

The customer has been assisted by OMET technical staff during the whole test phase receiving full on-field assistance. Main activity was to ‘synchronize’ the flexo units with the digital inkjet group as per speed and quality of print. The deep know-how of OMET on in-line printing and finishing techniques, the experience and field-ability in defining the best practices on the XFlex X6 and the control on the efficacy of processes and savings involved have helped in fine tuning the press for the handling of any practically request.

What made the difference was also the internal pre-press capability of OMET and the possibility to interface directly with the technical staff of the customer to set the press for the best achievable result.

The visits to the hybrid flexo/digital press will leave from OMET’s production halls in Via Polvara. Visitors may book their presence by clicking on the event registration form at:

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