The Varyflex V2 at Umur

UMUR, Turkey. Infinite solutions – offset, rotogravure, flexo, lamination, hot foil – on a single machine

UMUR is a leading player across the entire sector, with production covering a wide product range that includes: continuous forms, printed forms and promotional items; envelopes and offset printed rolls for data and medical reports; catalogues and blocks; calendars and magazines; books and all company communication materials. As well as these, there are: self-adhesive labels for the cosmetics, food, automotive, transport, tobacco and safety industries; flexible packaging such as shrink sleeves, in-mould, wrap-around labels, and laminated materials; pouches and packaging for wet and liquid products like shampoo, cosmetics, oil, sauces, and dry products like tea, coffee, salt, pepper and so on, the list is almost endless. Everything required by a small or medium sized company, or larger industrial concern, is distributed and marketed directly by UMUR’s own sales team without any outside assistance. The service is completed, as far as a partnership with customers is concerned, by a graphic design studio and production department that are integrated with the other company functions to guarantee top quality, short delivery times, and technical consulting services for prices, eco-sustainable values and the social conscience that make up the real wealth of the company. To cope with such a diverse production requirement, UMUR has purchased in 2010 an OMET 10-colour XFlex X6, an 8-colour XFlex X6, and a 9-colour Varyflex V2. The Varyflex V2 is a real technological jewel and an innovation as far as offering a complete solution is concerned, because it has the ability to change configuration when needed. The Varyflex line, which can handle 430 cm wide rolls, is configured with two flexo units, then five offset units and then two more flexo units to complete the line. The rotogravure unit can be placed between the first two flexo units, or between the second two flexo units, while the lamination unit can be placed on any flexo unit, as required. The configuration also includes a hot-foil unit. The different print technologies sit well together on this Varyflex V2, ensuring top print quality. “More and more companies have this requirement,” explained OMET, “of being able to use combined print lines that offer complete solutions when they want particular effects in a colour, which differs according to ink type, coverage, and thickness. VaryFlex technology makes all this possible because of its special control and tension systems, and the servo drive it uses.”
(UMUR in brief: Almost 1000 employees, a turnover that touched US$ 98 million in 2010 and is estimated to reach US$ 145 million in 2011, an enterprise designed to cover the entire print chain on its own – UMUR is an industrial and commercial conglomerate in Turkey, with many unique aspects. Subdivided into three divisions, printing, converting, and the printing of stationery products, the company’s ultra modern premises in Istanbul cover 120,000 square metres. Inside, are almost 300 production lines, from pre-press to printing and finishing. They all work non stop 24 hours a day for seven days a week on triple shift, and convert approximately 60,000 tons of paper each year. In addition to the main factory, there are four more production sites, located in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, and Izmit)