The difference is the people

On December 29, 2014, ending a year marked by a further double-digit growth in sales of OMET Group, the CEO Antonio Bartesaghi delivered, as tradition, 26 scholarships to the children of employees of the companies OMET and O-Pac who distinguished themselves by the good results obtained in studies in colleges or universities.

“We firmly believe – commented Antonio Bartesaghi – that people make the difference in business and that valid and professionally capable employees are a fundamental resource deciding the success of a company. Also this year, therefore, OMET’s contribution goes to people who have distinguished themselves in their school curriculum and that, one day, we hope, will apply this tenacity and self-discipline within Italian companies to support success.”

OMET is constantly looking for skilled people who can share and enrich the spirit of innovation that has always driven the company. Alongside the global expansion and the investments in research and development of new technologies in support of the market areas where the company is moving, – tissue, printing, motion systems and wet ipes, – OMET never stops looking for new talent to secure the prosperous future of the company.