Paper towels: flexible tissue converting machines

A serious problem for converters in the Tissue industry is that it would be necessary to serve as many markets as possible.
OMET has studied carefully the market situation to offer a different approach, knowing that also evolution and differentiation of products are increasingly more driving factors. First decision is related to the folding technology. Dominant vacuum folding system has without doubts a long track into market, but is unable to solve the problem related to the variety of dimensions. In facts, once selected the towel cutoff dimension, this cannot be changed. This is like to buy and be able to serve only one size of dispenser. Without any doubt, this could be a big limitation into market potential.
That’s why OMET engineers have come up with a very flexible solution, which allows to change easily and quickly both sizes of the towel. But not only the dimensions can be changed. In fact, thanks to a very smart cassette-style changeover system, the same folder can be re-configurated to produce, Single fold (V), Multi Fold (Z) and even “C” Fold into the same folder!! This is a unique feature that AS Towels folder machines series can offer to the market.
This provides also the ability to start with one folder equipped with multiple interchangeable folding heads, or towel sizes, minimizing the starting investment versus multiple folders, dedicated to different products. Also, mechanical fold provides other significant advantages: use of expensive and high energy consuming vacuum pumps is not necessary anymore. No periodic replacement or expensive maintenance on vacuum pumps! Open mesh materials, like airlaids or similar, which are almost impossible to process with vacuum folding system, are easily converted without major limitations given using vacuum system.