OMET to introduce UV-LED Curing at Labelexpo Europe 2015

The new UV-LED solution on OMET presses will be exhibited at Brussels Labelexpo on a XFlex X6 hybrid Flexo + Digital printing press. The benefits the UV-LED process brings to the printing industry are nowadays quite familiar. They primarily involve two different areas of the printing process: first is the elimination of heat-related issues, and the second relates to the savings involved in the process.

Because UV-LED is premised around a digital cool light system, it eliminates the warm-up and cool-down time inherent to the UV curing method; also toxins normally released by heat in the substrates are eliminated, as well as the ozone and mercury emissions. Virtually zero maintenance, reduced energy consumption (close to 50% reduction) for the curing process and elimination of the need for standby time contribute to keep general operating costs low.

After evaluating multiple providers of LED technology, OMET had its first chance to witness the quality and performance of the UV-LED system from AMS, USA, via a mutual installation on a Varyflex V2 press at the customer ACM in Italy. The retrofit on an existing machine turned out to be very successful with exceptional results concerning the curing quality, the brightness of UV-LED inks, and the shorter time needed to cure. In addition, the customer, in his own words, is particularly pleased with the much lower energy consumption, compared to UV, the quick ROI, and the high press operating speeds.

OMET is by far the only manufacturer of printing presses that can satisfy any printing need in the label and packaging sector offering modular presses, custom-made solutions and the widest range of technologies to choose from. The OMET UV-LED system, provided by AMS, is now an integral part of OMET’s range and fully compliant with OMET’s machine specifications.


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