OKAY, Italy: 40 years with OMET technology for quality napkins

OKAY history and OMET history have been closely linked since the former was established in 1969. With more than 20 machines purchased over the years, it is no wonder that OKAY is considered one of OMET best and most loyal customers. Gilberto Corti, OKAY founder, was proud to say: “We are tied to OMET by a history of cooperation, which began at the end of the Seventies. We were involved in mechanical engineering and were one of OMET suppliers. When Angelo Bartesaghi built his first napkin machine, we thought that it would be a good idea to enter the market, so we bought the second machine to come out of the Lecco factory.” Since then, much has happened, and today OKAY is one of the most well-known Italian manufacturers of tablecloths, mats and napkins, with more than 30 active production lines in the factory at Talamona (Sondrio), where some 80 employees generate an annual turnover of around 13 million Euro, 30 per cent of which is exported. “We handle the complete production and packaging cycle at our plants, which are all equipped with flexo presses of six or eight colours, and are technologically groundbreaking. Quality control of the product requires special attention, and is monitored through all the various processing phases,” explained Gilberto Corti. “We have a diverse production capability at our disposal: from cotton-wool to single-ply napkins, from strong dyes and pastel shades to customised napkins with customers’ brands, up to pure fantasy. We also offer our customers coordinated sets with plates, glasses, cutlery, table-sets and napkins, reproducing their own graphics or Walt Disney characters. We also have a particularly wide range of fold possibilities, as well as tablecloths on rolls, silverware bags, and the exclusive offer of a napkin and table-set line with a dispenser. This allows the customer to have a customised product, while eliminating waste.”
A network of 30 agents in Italy and distributors abroad serves all of OKAY different customers, from the retailer to the wholesaler, from industry to school and hospital catering chains. “From the beginning, we decided to concentrate on very high quality in specialised niches,” Corti continued. “By doing this, we avoided direct competition with the paper mills that had begun converting half-finished products in house, mainly large volumes of standard products and low quality. Quality is rewarding, after all,” he added. And quality also means care for the environment. “Maybe because we live in an extraordinary area of countryside, in an interesting mountain region between the Rhaetian Alps and Orobian Pre-Alps, we have always paid attention to environmental care and the ecological features of the materials we use. We support today’s FSC initiative, which allows us to use certified raw materials from forests that are correctly and responsibly managed, according to strict environmental standards that respect the habitat, flora and fauna. In addition, the raw materials we use contain neither optical bleach nor pulp. Colored materials are produced by the paper mills using non-toxic chemicals, and non-toxic water based inks are employed,” explained Corti. Quality then, and service, are the winning formula for OKAY. “We have proved to our customers that we are a serious and reliable supplier, capable of solving their problems and guaranteeing on-time delivery, thanks to the large vehicle fleet we have at our disposal, and the consolidated relationships with international distributors. We also offer a stocking service for customers’ products. Our products are all palletised and taped, to guarantee correct delivery even after long journeys. With a view to added value service, we have a graphics department that is available to assist customers in developing new products, sharing experience, creativeness and efficiency.” After all, there is a reason why we choose a brand, and OKAY is a synonym for all-round positivity.