Mr.Sanjeev of Zircon wih Marco Calcagni of OMET

Multiple OMET presses to fuel Zircon galloping growth

Extract from an article published by PressIdeasPublishing (P) Ltd.

Zircon Technologies India Ltd, headquartered in Noida with factories and sales offices at multiple locations, has placed an order for two state-of-the-art OMET presses – one Varyflex V2 and one XFlex X6.
The Varyflex V2 ordered is one of the most advanced presses with combination of different printing processes on multiple substrates. It is by far the most complex label projects envisaged in recent times. Zircon will be converting labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging on these equipments.
The sale has been handled by New Delhi-based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of OMET for India and surrounding countries. Pawandeep Sahni, Director of Weldon states “Sanjeev at Zircon is an extremely demanding customer when it comes to machine capabilities. His demands are a starting process, which helps create innovations.”