Multi-layer labels: a rapidly growing market

Multi-layer labels allow the creation of readable leaflets with up to seven printed sides: a new functional concept of label for multilingual information, advertising campaigns, and special offers.

A product’s packaging must first and foremost attract the buyer at the moment of purchase, but there is a growing need to include more and more information and promotional strategies to enhance the appeal of the product.

OMET’s Peel & Seal unit produces multi-layer, re-sealable or removable labels, either in paper or film, with a maximum of four layers (seven sides) obtained by using two P&S units consecutively. Applications for multi-layer labels include industrial, cosmetic and cleaning products, where information labels are required.


In the Italian market a growing number of firms in the label printing sector have required OMET’s P&S unit to expand their capabilities. More than 20% of OMET lines installed in 2015 included the P&S unit, with a substantial increase in requests for the double unit, strong confirmation of the tendency noticed in previous years.

The multi-layer labels produced by OMET Peel & Seal unit can be wet peel or dry peel: the former are designed to be read like a brochure, with one fixed side and up to seven printed faces; the latter are detachable, allowing one or more layers to be completely removed, ideal for promotional campaigns or coupons.

OMET Peel & Seal unit – single or double – can generate greater marketing opportunities and add value to the final product.