During the demo on XFlex X6 flexo/offset with sleeves

More than 150 visiting companies in 3 days during OMET’s ‘Open doors’ event and 3 hybrid presses sold

Customers from all continents have flowed in OMET in recent days to attend demonstrations on its entire range of modular, multi-process printing presses and watch ‘live’ the latest innovations specifically dedicated to the label and packaging market.

Japanese, Indians, Arabs, Latin Americans, Europeans in general and Italians have crowded the three days at the headquarters of OMET in Lecco, Italy. Many decided to include also a visit to the nearby customer who owns an XFlex X6 with the combination of flexo and digital inkjet.

The excellent print performance on all the machines conquered the audience and convinced three companies to sign a contract for as many hybrid flexo/offset XFlex X6 and ‘full flexo’ XFlex X4.

OMET event featured two recent innovations worthy of note: the double unwinder on XFlex X4, which is available across the range, and the flat-bed hot foil and embossing integrated in-line on the XFlex X6 offset with 3 UV flexo units, 5 offset sleeve groups, cold foil on rail, rotary die-cutting and the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ matrix rewinder.

The double unwinder is a semi-automatic unwinding system for ultra-fast change of the printing substrate; it saves several minutes in the changeover process and increases the productivity and profitability of the machine with any type of run.

For what concerns the flat-bed hot foil, the great news is the short time that was needed to OMET’s technical staff to tune it for work on the XFlex X6 offset, immediately obtaining quality level and register performance higher than any tests previously performed on machines not OMET. The flat-bed hot stamping and embossing is characterized by superior quality and this same quality is now perfectly integrated on OMET’s rotary machines for printing and finishing in one pass.

With reference to JetPlus, OMET’s inkjet digital unit, the company acknowledges to have concluded the test phase on the first machine, which has already been producing for a few months at a label converter located near Lecco, and opens the possibility to order it from Labelexpo Americas 2014 on. During the event, the machine was printing several jobs demonstrating the simplicity of job and die-cutting exchange. The whole operation was eased by the presence of Monotwin Cut, the die-cutting system patented by OMET that secure high speeds of operation and quick changeovers since there is no need to replace the magnetic cylinder, and whose adjustments are completely automated with respect to both digital and flexo printing.

Next to the new XFlex X6 equipped with offset with sleeves groups and XFlex X4, entry-level machine with superior electronics coupled to traditional, though revised, printing cylinders, OMET was presenting Varyflex V2, multi-technology modular platform dedicated to the printing of flexible packaging – here with the combination flexo and gravure – and one ‘full flexo’ XFlex X6.

All the machines have shown great flexibility, which has always been at the base of OMET’s technological choices. Work with an OMET’s printing press means to rely on the experience of a company whose objective is to support the converters with modular, rapidly re-configurable and multi-application solutions and with productivity levels suiting each customer’s actual needs. The desire to offer the greatest efficiency translates into tested and guaranteed solutions that offer all-in-one pass printing of the simplest to the most difficult jobs, quick job changeovers involving great savings, and the utmost print consistency, for high quality and repeatable results.

We wish to thank the following companies for their support during the event: Asahi Photoproducts,Avery DennisonACM CarcanoErhardt+LeimerIST MetzKurzRotometricsPraxairSimec GroupRossiniTesaUltralen,VetaphoneZeller+Gmelin.