Micro-embossing cassette: breakthrough solution for OMET in the tissue industry

OMET presents the most recent innovation on the machines for the production of napkins: the micro-embossing cassette. This allows the change of the embossing design in less than an hour and with a degree of operational simplicity unthinkable before.
The two embossing cylinders, are no more positioned directly on the machine, but on an independent cassette that can be removed and replaced with another equal, already mounting new cylinders with different engraving. The cassette is then pushed into the machine and easily and quickly positioned thanks to a special cart.

The embossing is a particular decoration that through the incision on the product, carried out having the paper pass between two embossing cylinders, decorates the napkin with drawings or patterns in relief. The embossing is a customization of the napkin combined with printing or stand-alone, where printing is not provided. The possibility to use the micro-embossing cassette allows to increase the production efficiency in the case of manufacture of jobs with different type of incisions.

The revolutionary system of OMET introduces, in fact, the change in the embossing and, above all, allows to pass from continuous embossing to edge embossing: with the extraction and replacement of the cassette it is also possible the insertion of embossing cylinders of different diameters (edge embossing is a particular embossing in which the engraved design goes to be exactly in phase with the fold and the press, the cylinder being of identical format or a multiple of the size of fold).

All existing machines on the market to date perform the change of the embossing (and of the incision) in an extremely long time. Thanks to OMET the manufacturers of napkins have a further weapon to increase their competitiveness in the market and offer customers highly customized products with considerable savings of time during job changes.