Introduction To FlexoGurukul!

“Fasco Printech is an endeavour to empower the printers by providing training, service and support. The initiative Flexo Gurukul is a unique concept to provide end to end knowledge to the flexo printers, equipment and material suppliers, print buyers etc.”, informs Harveer Sahni, Chief Mentor at Fasco Printech.

When you review the top flexo printers all over the world, you hear names of companies
who have multiple factories, machines number ranging in hundreds and a team in place to
manage all this. This is a phenomenon we do not get to see in India!

India does possess able entrepreneurs who are willing to take their companies to global
levels. Although the necessary financial capital is available to achieve this, yet we need to
strengthen and empower the human capital required to realize the perceived vision and
global scale aspirations. Although some initiatives have been taken, we still have a long
way to go!

FlexoGurukul is one such attempt to fill the gap that this industry suffers in the field of
training. It is a seminar based program which aims to impart technical knowledge in flexo printing with a very unbiased approach!
FlexoGurukul is being created in partnership with, a company based
in USA and recognised for the training services provided in the field of flexographic printing.

It is headed by Frank Burgos who has been in this industry for the last 30 years. Ever since
1997, when he founded, he has served as the moderator of
FlexoExchange’s technical forum, troubleshooting print problems and offering advice to
thousands of members from across the globe. Many of his articles can be found on, covering topics as wide-ranging as attitude to blending and working of inks efficiently. In addition, he has created a YouTube channel dedicated to flexographic printing; He has produced over 90 educational video tutorials!

FlexoGurukul has been designed to start-of as a technical seminar/training session over a period of 2 days. Frank has already charted the program for the next 4 sessions to be conducted over a period of 2 years. We plan to have 2 sessions every year, one in the
summer and another in winter. We plan to target every company in the flexo business in
India and South Asia to attend these seminars. The target audience consists of Owners,
General Managers, Plant Managers and Production In-charge. The platform is being
designed to scale up, in the future and to provide the industry with all the necessary
information on infrastructure required to have a stable and a structured training forum.