From PressIdeas Newsletter of Aug 23,2013: Zircon acquires a giant OMET

Noida based Zircon Technologies has invested in, what is perhaps the largest ‘label press in India’ – the versatile OMET Varyflex V2. The highly advanced piece of equipment, OMET Varyflex, has been delivered to Zircon’s Dehradun facility.

The 26 meters long label press is a complex integration of foiling, movable rotogravure, flexo and proprietary web paths desired and decided by Sanjeev Sondhi of Zircon after he had tested his innovative requirements on diverse label presses. It took him almost two years to finalise the exact configurations and attachments that are complex and proprietary in nature. The equipment has capability to print and convert with diverse print and converting technologies. The 430mm wide press features 10 colour Flexographic printing stations, Rotogravure printing station and Hot Foiling etc. with Converting section for Cartons, Labels, Flexible Packaging and Lami-tubes etc. It has capability to handle from 12mic films to 600mic board and also has fully automatic registration control. The sale of this equipment has been handled by New Delhi based Weldon Celloplast Limited, exclusive agents of Omet in India and surrounding countries.